Few people like sorting and packing. Are you overwhelmed by the just the idea of moving?

Preparing for a move can be daunting under the best of circumstances, add to that too many items and it can be quite the challenge.
We want to help you make this difficult time a lot easier. We will help you decide what is needed for your new space and what can go, down to the last little detail.

We will help you make the most of your new space and assist with the relocation of any items that you decide to part with!

Our specialty is helping mom and dad or if they’ve been relocated/have passed away. Its an emotional time and we can work at your pace. The value to selling the home, releasing the apartment will save money while you may live out of town, work long hours, have a huge plate of everyday tasks and need a trusted professional to handle the mundane details that come with breaking down an estate. Bonded and Insured plus a huge conscience, we make certain any cash, bonds, jewelry, keepsakes that are located, are brought to your attention for direction (return items to family, sell items of worth through our contacts, apply towards our services, etc). We no longer sell furniture and belongings. The market is saturated and it isn’t worth the effort any longer. We have a lot of contacts with various organizations and other businesses to simplify this overwhelming piece in your life. We are quick, keep it simple, and have tons of satisfied clients, that many, become dear friends or recommend us to others. We appreciate this hard time in your life and are here to give you that peace of mind, that you so deserve.

Our home downsizing services:


  • Meet with client(s) to determine a game plan
  • Layout – deciding which furniture to take and what to donate or offer resources to sell on your own
  • Coordinate with our vase network to manage every last detail
  • Maintain contact during the process, updating client(s) and offering a summery, collection of donation receipts etc nec to settle estate
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale or the Release of a Lease:
  • De-clutter
  • Schedule home repairs and cleaning
  • Meet or deliver items to various trusted donation sites/organizations we have relationships with over the years
  • Staging to allow your home to shine above the competition or to present cleared/clean apartment back to the complex


  • Scheduling and overseeing movers; we can use our contacts or work with yours
  • Supervising packing or packing the items ourselves (highly recommend since, esp older folks tend to stash valuables)
  • Unpacking and settling in the new home (when local)
  • Preparing items requested by client to be mailed or crated to their home/family/friends receiving keepsakes